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Monarch Diagnostics offers Home Test Kits for fast and easy results from the comfort and convenience of your home.

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Types of Home Testing

Flu and COVID-19

Flu and Covid-19 home test kits can be used on patients who are symptomatic as well as non-symptomatic. It can be administered yourself for the convenience of not having to go to a lab or doctor’s office and to avoid further exposure. The tests are fast and reliable, providing immediate results.

Drug Screening

12-Panel Cups for Drug Screening home tests are available for purchase. High quality drug testing for at home convenience, offering quick and qualitative results.  Please visit our Toxicology Page for specifics of the panels.

Monarch Diagnostics has multiple home kits to choose from including Flu tests, Covid-19 tests and 12 panel cups for drug screening.

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Bulk Test Kits

Bulk purchasing for Home Test Kits are available at Monarch Diagnostics.

If you have a larger facility and would prefer to purchase in bulk, Monarch Diagnostics has you covered.  It is cost-effective and provides the convenience of not having to outsource testing and wait on results.

Monarch Diagnostics has worked with schools and businesses across the country in supplying rapid testing kits. Easy to administer and produce quick and qualitative results.

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