Medication Management

At Monarch Diagnostics, we provide quantitative data points and historical trends to help you provide more effective and timely care.

Patient-Centered Care for your Facility

We’re dedicated to enhancing addiction treatment through the power of data with Monarch Diagnostics lab reports. Our approach leverages Medication Management in Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs to drive better outcomes for individuals facing addiction.

How can you determine if your patients are adhering to their prescribed medication regimens? Regardless of whether your specialization lies in mental and behavioral health or pain management, it is imperative to ensure that your patients are correctly administering their medications and that their medication levels are within the therapeutic range. Monarch Diagnostics testing goes well beyond the binary pass/fail results of standard urine analyses, offering essential medication analytics to inform your treatment plans.

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Benefits of a Medication Management Approach

Objective Data Monitoring

Monarch’s lab reports provide valuable, objective insights to track patient progress and identify potential issues during addiction treatment. Our essential analytics help you understand the story of patients’ compliance with treatment plans and assess the effects of their medications over time.

Timely Adjustments

Access to specific time and date milestones empowers healthcare professionals to swiftly identify compliance issues and adapt treatment plans according to the patient’s needs.

Support for Utilization Reviews

Utilizing lab data supports utilization reviews, and can help increase authorized days of treatment, ensuring patients receive the necessary care.

Identification of Patient Non-Compliance

Historical data reveals trends over time, showing spikes in drug use, aiding in recognizing non-compliance and misuse, as well as identifying patients who are not using their medication as prescribed.

Collaboration and Counseling

Our approach fosters collaboration among healthcare providers and patients, facilitating necessary adjustments in treatment plans among various different professionals. We help your care team to create cohesive, personalized, & effective patient care by drilling down to the root causes of addiction, relapse, & noncompliance

Outcome and Accountability

Data-driven decisions lead to more successful short- and long-term outcomes for your patients, and help correlate your treatment plan adjustments with patient outcomes on a concrete timeline.

Monarch is Transforming Addiction Treatment

we are providing you with tools to understand the patient journey by harnessing data driven decision-making, offering comprehensive insights, and giving you the opportunity to deliver better care for those battling addiction.

Historical Trends

Monarch’s Historical Results feature empowers you to identify trends alongside current data, enabling you to closely monitor compliance and assess clinical outcomes. With an extensive screening panel encompassing more than 50 medications and an even more comprehensive full panel exceeding 120 medications, we guarantee a swift turnaround time of just two business days.

Specimen Validity

Our technology can identify tampered or counterfeit urine samples, providing you with the confidence and precision required for prescribing. No more uncertainty—just solid scientific data at your disposal! We help take the guesswork out of treatment.


• 2 business day turnaround guarantee
• Dedicated & responsive customer service
• Make timely adjustments to care plans


• State of the art toxicology equipment
• Offering both screening and confirmations
• Make data-driven care decisions


• Full panel testing for over 120 compounds
• Historical data comparisons
• Validity testing for each sample

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