Travel Testing

Monarch Diagnostics offers professional laboratory testing to meet international travel testing requirements.

Monarch Diagnostics offers testing for those traveling to a destination that requires proof of a negative test result. It can get confusing when you are trying to plan your testing needs appropriately, as every country has a different criterion for the timeframe in which your test is taken before your flight. We can help plan your appointment and ensure that your test results fall within the appropriate range for wherever you are headed!

How do I know the guidelines for travel?

Contact Monarch Diagnostics and we can help you figure out the length of time required for a negative test. Many insurance companies cover travel testing, however if yours does not, Monarch Diagnostics has very competitive pricing for cash pay clients. Our highly trained staff will guide you to ensure the safety of you and your fellow travelers as well as eligibility for insurance coverage.

Benefits of travel testing:

Our trained medical staff will collect a specimen, test the sample at our lab, and give you same day results before your date of travel.  We provide you with easily accessible and reliable documentation to ensure you make your trip.

If you have a trip to another country coming up, contact Monarch Diagnostics for your travel testing needs.

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